NRI Relocation: Global Move Management Services Company

In the dynamic landscape of corporate relocations and employee assignments, the demands placed on companies extend far beyond the initial move. Managing the intricacies of a relocation and ongoing assignment proves to be an overwhelming task for HR departments already juggling multiple responsibilities. 

Recognizing this challenge, many companies turn to move management services to streamline the process. Enter NRI Relocation – your dedicated partner in assignment management and global relocation services. Our comprehensive offerings and a la carte services, tailored to cater to the unique needs of each client, provide a seamless solution for cross-border assignments, whether within the United States or abroad. 

As the world becomes smaller, we understand the need to mobilize global talent. Welcome to a future where corporate moves are streamlined, efficient, and effortlessly managed by NRI Relocation.

Dedicated Corporate Relocation Consultant & Move Manager For Your Employees

Embark on every global relocation assignment with confidence as NRI Relocation assigns a dedicated consultant to your company and employees.  

Our corporate relocation consultants are the key to seamless move management. Serving as the crucial interface between relocating employees, relocation vendors, and the employee’s HR company, they play a pivotal role as employee advocates and go-to sources for information. By shouldering the responsibility of communication and coordination, these expert move managers not only alleviate the burden from HR but also empower them with the information they need to make the best decisions for the company, employees, and budget.

NRI’s consultants excel in sourcing the best relocation service providers and adeptly managing vendor relationships to ensure top-notch service for employees while optimizing budget allocations. They are also attentive, responsive, and genuinely care for the employee’s needs during the transition. 

Your consultant will be equipped to provide timely solutions for day-to-day issues, fostering a responsive and efficient support system. Armed with comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of relocation and global mobility assignments, our move managers offer expertise and dedication that goes beyond the capabilities of a standard HR department.

When crafting a comprehensive corporate relocation policy, taxation is a crucial factor that cannot be overlooked.

Start-to-Finish Corporate Move Management Services

Experience comprehensive corporate move management with NRI Relocation’s start-to-finish services. From handpicking the best vendors for each assignment to meticulous coordination of services, our dedicated team ensures a smooth transition for your employees. 

We go beyond the logistics, attending to the ongoing needs of your relocating employees and providing thorough documentation and reporting for your HR department. Choose NRI Relocation for a streamlined process that covers every aspect of corporate move management, leaving no detail overlooked.

Global Mobility Assignment Management

Navigate the complexities of global mobility assignments effortlessly with NRI Relocation’s expert assignment management services. Our dedicated team takes charge of managing vendors and provides comprehensive guidance to employees at every step of the journey. Our global management services include: 

Pre-assignment training
Crisis and emergency assistance during assignment
Visa and immigration
Management of compensation, tax, benefits, and legal compliance
Destination services
Repatriation at end of assignment

Trust NRI Relocation to handle the entire lifecycle of every assignment, ensuring a worry-free international experience for both your company and employees.

Global Relocation Management

Experience personalized global relocation management with NRI Relocation’s dedicated international services. Our expert team doesn’t just manage vendors; we advise and help employees as they settle in, helping them create a home in a new place. 

  • International Household Goods Moving: We oversee the safe and efficient international transportation of household goods, whether by air, land, or sea. 
  • Housing: From temporary housing to finding the perfect home to buy, we prioritize the personal aspects of relocation for employees. 

Domestic Corporate Move Management

Relocation isn’t just about crossing borders; even domestic moves can be overwhelming. At NRI Relocation, we recognize that the challenges of relocating extend beyond international assignments. Our Domestic Corporate Move Management services are designed to address the unique needs of employees moving within the U.S.

Our hands-on team coordinates with vendors and supports employees at every critical stage:

  • Home Sale: We offer flexible home sale options including Guaranteed Buyout Option (GBO) and Buyer Value Option (BVO).
  • Home Finding: With our experienced real estate network, we assist employees in finding the perfect new home that suits their preferences and budget.
  • Rental Assistance: We source short-term or long-term properties that meet lifestyle requirements.
  • Domestic Household Goods Moving: We work with only the most reputable and reliable interstate moving van lines to deliver shipments with the highest service level.
NRI is here to guide your employees through the intricacies of the real estate landscape.

Corporate Move Management Companies

Entrust your employee’s journey to the best corporate relocation consultants in the field—NRI Relocation. Contact us today to bring our personalized service to your next international and domestic assignments and make us your corporate move management company.

Beyond logistics, NRI takes each relocation personally, making your employees feel truly cared for. Let us be your corporate move management company of choice, eliminating the endless details and communications associated with move and assignment management. Elevate your corporate relocation experience with NRI Relocation – where expertise meets genuine care.