Corporate Relocation Services For Companies & Employees

Corporate Relocation Services

NRI Relocation is a full-service corporate relocation services provider for companies based in the United States. Our team of corporate relocation specialists is dedicated to high-touch Personal Service for employee and client experiences.

Our U.S. relocation company services menu includes market competitive offerings ranging from U.S. departure services, U.S. destination services, and client management services.

We are an independent corporate relocation services company with zero industry ownership ties to real estate or household goods companies. We are free to work with only the best providers for our clients and relocating population.

Therefore, we built our 100% independent relocation supply chain with only quality-driven, highly responsive, and transparent providers.  Our suppliers are continually motivated to perform exceptional work for your program’s benefit.

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Leading companies, organizations, HR departments, and mobility professionals trust NRI Relocation with their corporate relocation services.

What Are Corporate Relocation Services?

Corporate relocation services are a collection of departure, destination, and management services that help employees and families relocate more efficiently during a move paid for by the company. Common employee relocation services include home sale assistancehousehold goods managementtemporary living coordination, and relocation expense reimbursements. Corporations provide relocation assistance to employees for both U.S. and international moves or assignments.

What Are Relocation Management Companies (RMC)?

Corporate relocation services are typically outsourced from within the human resources department of a corporation to relocation management companies (RMC).  The RMC specializes in relocation policy developmentcustomer service, supply chain management, and financial services.

Additionally, a personal consultant from the RMC serves as the main contact for the relocating employee during the move and coordinates all relocation services based on the assigned relocation policy or unique needs.

Relocation management services such as relocation technologyrelocation financial services, and relocation reporting are also provided by the RMC for a full-service solution.

The leading trade association for the corporate relocation industry is Worldwide ERC® based in Arlington, VA.  They host worldwide events and connect global mobility professionals around the world.

RMCs specialize in relocation policy development, customer service, supply chain management, and financial services.

NRI Corporate Relocation Services For Companies & Human Resources

Leading companies, organizations, HR departments, and mobility professionals trust NRI Relocation with their corporate relocation services. Our values-driven approach and unique Policy + Services + Technology process drive corporate moves that are a true value-add benefit.

We comprehensively approach each client by designing custom corporate relocation policies that fit the organization’s budget and goals.

NRI Relocation’s high-level corporate relocation management is ongoing. Our corporate relocation specialists continuously administer policy, manage expenses, and assist with taxes

Meanwhile, our technology provides constant, instant transparency into the movements and statuses of your employees and their corporate relocation services.

Your employees, executives, and talent will love our personal service, dedicated corporate relocation counselors, and corporate moving service with the best vendors in the industry. Full-service corporate relocation services will prepare and focus employees on their job with your organization.

Learn why outsourcing relocation management is the best choice for both your business and your employees.

Policy & Corporate Relocation Packages Design

NRI Relocation will help you design a corporate relocation policy that aligns with your organization and utilizes industry best practices, optimizes costs, and is benchmarked against your competitors.

We customize programs to as many tiers and corporate relocation packages as required.

Corporate Relocation Policy Administration

Our aim is to remove the burden of managing corporate relocation services from your human resources department and organization. The NRI Relocation specialists will present and administer your corporate relocation program to your employees and manage corporate moves from top to bottom.

Corporate Relocation Expense Management

Relocation expense management is a detailed, in-depth process. Successful relocation expense management identifies savings, eliminates waste, manages vendors, and seamlessly integrates with companies’ payroll.

Relocation Tax Assistance

Relocation can complicate tax, but NRI aims to simplify relocation tax assistance. Our specialists work in line with your organization’s tax strategy and provide transparent data to payroll and your tax team.

NRI Corporate Relocation Company Services For Employees

Corporate relocation services are only successful when the end result is a happy employee. While businesses hire corporate relocation companies, we serve employees and their families during a complex and emotional transition.

We manage corporate moves that incentivize employees by providing comprehensive, full corporate relocation services, providing personal, responsive relocation assistance, and utilizing technology to ease the process.

At NRI Relocation, we believe that the more we remove corporate moving services from your employees’ to-do list, the more energy they have to look forward to their next step at work.

NRI Relocation helps relocate company talent in a stream-lined and tested process

A corporate move is more than just household goods transportation. We provide a comprehensive list of corporate relocation company services that employees may require during their transition.

Our most popular corporate relocation services include:

Home Marketing Assistance

Our network of skilled Realtors will sell employees homes quickly while maximizing value. This enables employees to begin their future without delaying their financial resources.

Home Sale Options

NRI Relocation pioneered the Guaranteed Buyout Option (GBO) to ensure the home sale isn’t an obstacle to employee relocation. We offer several home sale options to get your talent where they need to be.

Home Finding

Home is where the heart is; it’s not just part of a corporate relocation transaction. We will work with your employee and their family to find a home and neighborhood that fits their lifestyle. Their new home should be a place to be together, create memories, and be excited for their future.

Mortgage Assistance

Our partnership with Rocket Mortgage enables employees to make smart home investments that maximize their goals.

Household Goods Transportation

The corporate moving service is seen as the most stressful part of a relocation, but NRI works with the best corporate moving companies to seamlessly transport employees’ belongings anywhere in the United States or worldwide.

Temporary Living

NRI Relocation arranges short-term employee housing that is comfortable, convenient to the employees’ work, and delights employees and their families in their new surroundings.

Rental Assistance

For employees who prefer to rent, we find exceptional rental properties in apartments, condos, and single-family homes to fit their lifestyles.

School Assistance

Transitioning children to a new school can make employees apprehensive about a corporate move. We provide guidance for local school districts, private education, childcare, and specialty education needs.

How NRI Relocation Can Serve Your Company

NRI Relocation stands as the trusted partner for leading companies, organizations, HR departments, and mobility professionals seeking unparalleled corporate relocation services.  From designing custom relocation policies that align with organizational budgets and goals to providing ongoing high-level management through our dedicated specialists and technology, we are proud to offer a comprehensive global mobility solution.

Our commitment to personal service and collaboration with top-notch industry vendors guarantee a seamless experience for your employees, executives, and talent. Choosing NRI Relocation means choosing excellence in corporate relocation services, preparing and focusing your team on success within your organization.

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