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We Move Talent Forward by Taking Relocation Personally

NRI Relocation has been a leading corporate relocation company for over 35 years. We manage corporate relocation services, global mobility services, and employee relocation services for leading businesses, HR departments, and global mobility professionals.

We are a values-based corporate relocation company. Our work centers around our motto, “Taking Relocation Personally.” NRI Relocation understands that meeting clients’ goals and relocating employees is rooted in families’ personal moves. This core philosophy guides our corporate relocation services.

This approach to move management is what makes us an award-winning corporate relocation company. HRO Today Magazine named NRI Relocation a 2022 Top Relocation Companies to partner with for the 4th consecutive year.

NRI Relocation is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, but is a relocation provider for the United States and worldwide.

We’re ready to deliver as your trusted and dedicated HR partner and corporate relocation company.

A Modern Corporate Relocation Company

NRI Relocation’s distinctive approach to corporate relocation services, based on three tenants, moves employees forward with purpose.
Every organization is different, so their relocation policies should be unique too. NRI works with organizations to craft relocation packages that meet financial and cultural goals, and are a true benefit to employees.
NRI’s domestic & international corporate relocation services include home sale assistance (BVO), household goods management, temporary housing coordination, new housing assistance, and relocation expense management. 
As a cutting-edge corporate relocation company, we provide access to our proprietary relocation technology platform, ReloHub®. This robust system provides real-time data and insights into your relocation program.

Corporate Relocation Service

What Are Corporate Relocation Services?

Corporate Relocation Services are a collection of U.S. and global departure, destination, and move management. Relocation assistance makes job relocation efficient for employees and families.

Employee Relocation Services are commonly defined as home sale assistance (BVO), household goods management, temporary housing coordination, new housing assistance, and relocation expense management. Employee Relocation Services are typically outsourced from within the HR/Talent department of a corporation to Relocation Management Companies (RMC).

Employee Relocation Assistance

We provide a wide range of global mobility services. Our employee relocation assistance includes household goods moving, home search & sale, rental and temporary housing, and school search.

Corporate Move Management

For our clients, we are a provider of relocation expense management, policy design & administration, tax assistance, and more corporate relocation services.

For more information on our domestic and international corporate relocation services and options:

Expert Relocation Assistance For Any Industry

NRI Relocation, led by John Zilka, CRP and his team, partner with companies big and small to provide expert relocation assistance.

Relocation Experts

Our team of experienced relocation consultants are Certified Relocation Professionals, committed to relocation industry associations, and passionate about transitioning employees and companies through growth and change.

Relocation For Your Company

NRI Relocation is the corporate relocation company for a variety of industries, including law firms, technology companies, professional services, and more. We customize our corporate relocation services to organizations of any size.

An Independent Corporate Relocation Company

NRI Relocation is a 100% independent corporate relocation company because we believe it is the only way to source the best service for our clients and their employees.

We have no direct ties with real estate companies, household goods moving companies, or other relocation vendors. Therefore, NRI Relocation is not beholden to work with any specific vendors.

This independence has freed us to build a supply chain of the relocation industry’s best, most innovative vendors. It also allows us the flexibility to customize the vendors to our clients’ needs.

Contact A Corporate Relocation Company

Welcome Home with NRI Relocation Services. If you’re ready to find relocation solutions or create unique relocation packages, let’s talk. We help talent, HR, and mobility departments build a modern corporate relocation program.

Let’s discuss your needs and find relocation solutions to meet your goals.

Worldwide, U.S., & Chicago Corporate Relocation Provider

The NRI Relocation headquarters is proudly located in the greater Chicago market, and provides domestic service across the United States, and global mobility relocation worldwide:

NRI Relocation, Inc.
1110 W. Lake Cook Road
Suite 301
Buffalo Grove IL, 60089, USA

Domestic U.S. Corporate Relocation

Move employees state-to-state or to a new city within the United States. NRI’s relationships with the best U.S. van lines, moving companies, Realtors, and relocation vendors enable U.S. companies to relocate employees from sea to shining sea.

International Global Mobility

Today’s global economy requires international employee relocations. NRI Relocation simplifies the global mobility process and provides corporate relocation to and from the United States to any country worldwide.

Whether your organization is a global mobility expert, or human resources is learning international customs and immigration, NRI is the corporate relocation company that can be your guide.