Group Move Management Services For Corporate Employees

Group Moves

Corporate group move management services are overwhelming to coordinate. There are hundreds of details to track for just one employee relocation. Multiplying and synchronizing corporate moves is an even larger challenge.

That’s why organizations and companies rely on group move management companies like NRI Relocation. We will guide your company through a group relocation while serving each individual employee relocation personally. Let us propel your talent en masse to the new location.

What is Group Move Management?

Group Move Management is the coordination of ten or more employee relocations happening in the same time frame, between the same departure and destination work locations.

Some strategic company decisions require more than just a few key employee relocations. Perhaps you’re opening a new facility and need your talent elsewhere. Maybe you’re considering moving your corporate headquarters to a different state. Perhaps you need to consolidate your business or relocate employees based on an acquisition.

In any case, group moves by NRI allows you to make these decisions without worrying about one of the hardest parts – communicating the group move effectively and ensuring a positive experience for the loyal talent you’re asking to move.

NRI Relocation provides corporate relocation services

Corporate Move Management Services

NRI provides comprehensive corporate move management services, including household goods moving, real estate services, mortgage and tax assistance, to details like sourcing schools. Learn more about our corporate relocation services.

US Group Move Management Services

Need to move a department or a large number of employees to a new city or state? NRI Relocation is a US corporate move management company. We are based in Chicago and can move your talent to or from anywhere in the United States.

International Group Move Management Services

Group global mobility relocation is no easy feat. International group moves require visa and immigration, cultural training, greater compensation management, and a host of requirements to guide employees and their families through a major transition.

Work with an experienced international group move management company to move your company’s talent abroad.

Employee-First Corporate Move Management Services

Too many group move management companies are focused on larger project management. They forget that at the heart of the managed moves are many individual families undergoing significant life changes.

NRI Relocation’s philosophy of Taking Relocation Personally guides us in ensuring a personalized relocation for every employee amid a group move project.

How Does NRI Coordinate Group Managed Moves?

From custom policy design for your group move needs to helpful announcement day assistance, we’ll consult and deliver right by your side from start to finish.  We’ll deploy our detailed strategies to ensure you stay on track.

Corporate Relocation Policy

Group Move Management Step 1: Pre-Announcement Planning

A solid relocation policy is at the heart of successful corporate group moves. Understand your organization’s relocation budget. Know the clear plans and benefits for your relocating employees. Just as importantly, prepare plans for employees who have not selected or will not elect to relocate. Have a clear timeline you can present to your employees.

The more confident you are in your plan, and the relocation packages you provide, the more satisfied employees will be with the group move.

Corporate Relocation Technology

Group Move Management Step 2: Announcement Day Communication

Keep the information to a very select number of employees. Once a clear relocation strategy is in place, plan an announcement to begin communication with the affected employees as soon as possible. NRI Relocation will provide guidance for announcement day communication points to ensure your talent has all the information they require.

Corporate Relocation Services

Group Move Management Step 3: Post-Announcement Execution

Now, the most challenging part: the actual corporate move management services.

NRI has handled thousands of employee relocations and managed moves. We will put our experience to work to give your group move management project the smoothest execution possible.

Our counselors will help your organization provide critical, continuous communication to your employees before and during their relocations.

Corporate Relocation Technology

Group Move Management Step 4: Evaluation

After your employees successfully relocate to their new destination and workplaces, NRI will provide information to evaluate and recommend improvements for future employee group moves.

Employee Relocation For Moving Company Corporate Headquarters To a New State

If your organization is moving headquarters, then employee relocation is just one piece of a complex puzzle. Let NRI Relocation remove this challenge from your team. We will focus on relocating your priority talent.

NRI can coordinate group moves for new location openings.

Employee Relocation For Opening a New Company Location

Expanding your organization is exciting. You will need to bring some of your experienced talent to get your new location started on the right foot. Hire NRI Relocation to manage a group corporate relocation for your latest venture.

NRI Relocation is Ranked Among The Top Group Move Management Companies

NRI Relocation would love to learn more about the scenario and goals behind your upcoming employee relocations.

Our team has managed moves for thousands of employees. NRI Relocation even ranks among the top corporate relocation companies by HRO Today. Learn more about our company and the corporate relocation services we offer.