NRI Relocation: A Corporate U.S. Relocation Services Company

U.S. Corporate Relocation

NRI Relocation is a leading U.S. relocation services company in vibrant Chicago. We specialize in comprehensive U.S. relocation services for corporations across the United States and are proud to partner with a wide variety of American businesses. 

Our expertise extends to interstate relocation services within the country, international relocations from the U.S. to other countries, and relocations to the U.S. from abroad. Our personal approach to domestic relocation services and extensive collaborations with high-quality relocation providers allow us to provide the best corporate U.S. relocation experience possible.

Corporate Relocation For U.S. Companies

We have established strong partnerships with major U.S. companies, including those in the technology, finance, healthcare, and professional sectors, assisting them in achieving their relocation goals. 

1.6% of Americans relocated for work last year. Our local and interstate relocation services prioritize employee satisfaction and include strategic budgeting and creating and managing domestic relocation policies. By understanding each organization’s unique needs, we deliver tailored solutions for seamless corporate U.S. relocation services.

NRI Relocation is a leading U.S. relocation services company in vibrant Chicago.

Domestic Relocation Services

At NRI Relocation, we provide a comprehensive range of domestic relocation services tailored to our clients’ needs. Whether moving across the country or within the same state, our dedicated team makes every U.S.A. relocation experience seamless and stress-free. 

From efficiently transporting household goods to assisting with home marketing and sale options, our U.S. relocation services encompass every aspect of domestic moves. We also offer valuable support for new home searches, providing mortgage and rental assistance, and arranging temporary living accommodations

Our expertise and personalized approach handle every employee’s domestic relocation services with utmost care and attention to detail.

We work with an extensive network of domestic moving van lines to transport employees’ personal belongings across the U.S.

Local & Interstate Relocation Household Goods Transportation

Household goods moving is a cornerstone in smooth U.S. relocations. We work with an extensive network of domestic moving van lines to transport employees’ personal belongings across the U.S. Our strategic partnerships guarantee a smooth and hassle-free U.S.A. relocation.

We work with only the most reputable and reliable interstate relocation companies to deliver shipments on time, with minimal claims, and with the highest service level. Our partners’ expertise in packing, loading, transportation, and unloading, combined with our dedicated team’s coordination and support, securely and safely transports every household to its new destination.  

NRI Relocation leverages multiple domestic corporate household goods transportation options to accommodate all move types and sizes, including van line moves, small shipment options, containerized transportation, and dedicated hauling.

Corporate Relocation Policy

Home Marketing Assistance

NRI’s relationships with professional realtors lend expertise in every local market across the United States. Our partners will price, market, stage, and negotiate home sales to achieve maximum return and move your employees quickly.

Corporate Relocation Policy

Home Sale Options

Our U.S. relocation services include flexible home sale options. The innovative Guaranteed Buyout Option (GBO) and Buyer Value Option (BVO) expedite the selling process and ensure your employees relocating to another state stay on track to their destination.

Corporate Relocation Policy

Domestic Relocation Home Finding

With our experienced real estate network and personalized approach, we assist employees in finding the perfect new home that suits their preferences and budget.

Corporate Relocation Policy

Mortgage Assistance

NRI works with Rocket Mortgage to guide employees through the mortgage process. Employees can leverage our access to valuable insights and assistance and secure the best financing options.

Corporate Relocation Policy

U.S. Relocation Rental Assistance

Our U.S. relocation company guides employees relocating to another state through the rental market. We source short-term or long-term properties that meet lifestyle requirements.

Corporate Relocation Policy

Temporary Living

Relocate employees immediately while providing time to acquaint their families with a new location. NRI coordinates comfortable and convenient temporary accommodations to smoothly transition families into their new city.

Domestic Relocation Policy & Packages

Developing effective domestic relocation policies is our specialty. Domestic relocation policies are essential. They provide clear guidelines and support for employees, ensure consistency in U.S. relocation services, and effectively manage costs.

Creating a successful domestic relocation policy involves a number of steps, such as defining policy objectives, establishing eligibility, outlining benefits, considering legal factors, educating employees, tracking costs, and many other elements.

Take advantage of our years of corporate U.S.A. relocation experience. Let us craft your successful domestic relocation policy. Learn some of our expert tips for creating a winning mobility policy

Local U.S. Relocation Services

Even relocating within the same state can be a big change for an employee and their family. Moving only a few hours away still requires considerable expense and most of the same domestic relocation services and an interstate corporate relocation.

NRI Relocation can help your U.S. company craft domestic relocation policies for local employee moves and manage those domestic relocations.

NRI's comprehensive U.S. relocation services simplify moving employees from one state to another.
NRI Relocation moves U.S. company employees to a new state or abroad.

Interstate Relocation Services

Our comprehensive interstate relocation services simplify moving employees from one state to another.

A corporate interstate relocation is a major life event for an employee and their family. The process requires careful planning and coordination. We take a personalized approach to be your employee’s primary resource during the move.

Employees Relocating to Another State

We understand the challenges employees and their families relocating to another state face. The emotional weight of packing, moving, and adapting to new surroundings can make relocation difficult for individuals. 

That’s why our dedicated team offers comprehensive support, including assistance with housing, school searches, and settling-in services. We aim to make the relocation process smooth and stress-free for employees and their loved ones.

International Relocation From the USA

Embarking on an international relocation journey from the U.S. requires specialized services. NRI works with the highest-quality global mobility partners to comfortably guide corporate employees through this overwhelming process.  

Our international relocation solutions cover visa and immigration assistance, cultural orientation, tax assistance, housing arrangements, and more. Discover NRI’s full range of global mobility services and benefits.

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Choose NRI Relocation as your trusted U.S. relocation company in effective domestic relocation policies and exceptional U.S. relocation services.

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