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Relocation Services

Individuals and organizations turn to relocation assistance companies to simplify the complicated process of moving to a new home, state, or country.

NRI Relocation is one of the award-winning and independent move management companies that coordinates U.S. talent relocation services, global relocation service, and international assignments.

Our company purpose is simple: to propel key talent to new career opportunities worldwide, so employee engagement, productivity, and success can thrive. We believe in driving talent forward by bettering their relocation experience.

Whether you are a seasoned HR executive or learning about relocation assistance, we know you have many choices when selecting relocation and move management companies.  We would welcome the opportunity to show you the what, how, and why that differentiates the NRI Relocation model and values. You’ll soon understand why we’ve been Taking Relocation Personally since 1985 – for every client and each employee.

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NRI offers the most comprehensive corporate relocation assistance.

What is Relocation Assistance For Talent & Employees?

Relocation assistance provides compensation and services to facilitate employees’ move to a new location for their job.

The employer pays the relocation assistance in part or full as a benefit to new hires or current talent. A relocation assistance package can take the form of a lump sum monetary bonus or refund, move management service, or a combination of these benefits.

Relocation service may include household goods move management, real estate home sourcing & sale, rental or temporary housing, tax & mortgage assistance, and other services to ease the employees’ relocation experience.

The purpose is to place employees in the necessary office or work site to accomplish their work. Comprehensive relocation assistance and benefits minimize the time and energy the employee must devote to the move, allowing them to focus on the job for their employer.

How Does Relocation Assistance Work?

Employers work with relocation assistance companies to determine their employees’ relocation process.

If the relocation assistance is merely monetary, the employer incorporates the relocation bonus or refund into the employees’ compensation schedule.

If an employer provides talent relocation service, they will connect the employee to a counselor at their partner relocation company.

The employer informs relocation assistance companies of the scope, services, and allowances of the employees’ relocation package. The relocation counselor then works directly with the employee to coordinate all the required services for a successful relocation.

Why Should Organizations Outsource to Relocation Assistance Companies?

Companies and organizations should partner with relocation assistance companies to facilitate their employees’ moves. Full talent relocation services are valuable benefits that attract and retain employees.

A true relocation company partner will work with an organization to design relocation packages that optimize costs and prioritize company values.

Learn more about how relocation outsourcing enhances key corporate factors.

Corporate Relocation Policy


Personal Relocation Service

NRI Relocation works personally with every employee and their family. We start by assigning a dedicated relocation counselor to oversee every step of every service for their relocation.

Contact us if you are an employee seeking relocation assistance for your personal move.

Corporate Relocation Services


U.S. Corporate Talent Relocation Services

40% of US moves are for corporate relocation. That’s why corporate, employee, and talent relocation service is our specialty. NRI Relocation partners with companies big and small for individual and group moves.

Contact us to build a corporate relocation program, including policy design, administration, expense management, and tax assistance.

Corporate Relocation Technology


U.S. Domestic Relocation Services

We provide relocation for employees and talent heading to a new city or state. NRI Relocation coordinates local and state-to-state relocation service within the United States, including real estate, household goods, and other essential relocation services.

Corporate Relocation Policy


International Relocation Services

Business is global, and so is your relocation program. We break down and manage all the complexities and details of international moves.

Learn how we can help your assignment program. NRI Relocation’s global mobility services include air, sea, and ground transportation, international real estate services, immigration & visa assistance, cultural training, and more.

Corporate Relocation Technology


Relocation Technology

Your business relies on technology to streamline, aggregate, and create transparency. NRI Relocation is one of the few relocation companies to do the same. Our online platform, ReloHub®, provides critical move management tools and reports to organizations, HR departments, and employees.

How To Ask For Relocation Assistance

For best results, employees should ask for relocation assistance as early as possible.

For new hires, the best time to ask about relocation assistance is during the interview process. It is helpful for both parties to understand a company’s relocation policies before further pursuing an opportunity. Otherwise, negotiate for relocation assistance as part of a job offer.

Existing employees might also request relocation assistance to move to a new location in service of a role change or assignment. Employees should negotiate relocation as part of the new responsibilities and compensation changes.

It is best to negotiate with a clear understanding of the relocation service the employee and their family will require. Remember, the purpose of relocation is to bring talent to where it will be most beneficial to the company and make the employee productive as soon as possible.