Why Outsource Relocation Services Management To An Agency?

Outsource Relocation Services To A Relocation Agency

Why should you outsource relocation services?  Like most outsourcing decisions, the choice to work with a relocation agency depends on time, cost-effectiveness, and desired expertise.

In today’s modern world of human resources, the number of duties added to the plates of HR professionals continues to expand. The role manages more than just personnel issues, benefits administration, and new hire paperwork. Consequently, topics like recruiting, talent acquisition, onboarding, engagement, rewards, and retention are now key strategic HR functions. Managing corporate relocation services has now become another one of these roles.

While it may have been realistic to keep corporate relocation management internal in the past, corporations now see the value of outsourced relocation services. Corporate relocation agencies’ focus, specialization, and economies of scale allow for relo services with lower costs, improved efficiency, and better tax/legal compliance.

The Benefits of Outsourced Corporate Relocation Management Services

Simply put, outsourcing corporate relocation dramatically reduces costs, risks, and the burden on internal human resources personnel while improving service quality.

Higher Quality Employee Relocation Experience

A relocation company keeps 100% of its focus on orchestrating the best possible corporate relocation for employees. Employees and their families work one-on-one with a dedicated relocation counselor. Relocation agencies plan personal moves, field employee questions, and have a high level of experience in managing even the most complex group moves.

Wider Network of Relocation Vendors

It takes years to identify and create relationships with hundreds of relocation vendors. Corporate relocation agencies have already established partnerships in every geography and service category.

No matter which state or country employees are moving to, relocation services companies know the best real estate or moving company. 

When employees require specialized corporate relocation services, the relocation agency already knows the top pet relocation company, fine art mover, language trainer, or immigration attorney.

The strength of a relocation agency’s network guarantees the highest level of service.

Access to More Competitive Relocation Services Pricing

Corporate relocation agencies plan thousands of moves annually. These economies of scale provide relocation services companies with more competitive pricing than individual human resources departments. Relocation management companies pass these savings onto the employees’ organizations.

Fewer Risks Thanks to Improved Compliance

Immigration, visa, labor, and tax laws constantly change. In addition, regulations greatly vary by city, state, and country. When companies outsource relocation services, it gives them access to specialized expertise in the niche of relocation regulations.

Relocation agencies guide organizations in making compliant decisions that avoid the risk of legal issues or hefty fines.

Expertise in Corporate Relocation Policy Development

Professional corporate relocation management services are tactical and include crafting policies that fit organizations’ culture, budget, and recruiting and retainment goals. Corporate relocation agencies are up-to-date on best practices, strategies, and trends to incorporate into a business’s relocation packages.

Once the RMC and company establish a corporate relocation policy, the relocation services company can help implement and communicate it to employees. As a third party, the relo company can more easily manage adherence to the guidelines set by leadership.

By outsourcing relocation policy, organizations can ensure their benefits are benchmarked and competitive versus the market. 

Access to Relocation Agencies’ Reporting and Technology

Working with a relocation agency gives organizations greater insight and analysis into their relocation programs. Good corporate relocation management services include technology that provides transparency into employees’ movements, individually or in aggregate.

The corporate relocation company also prepares accounting, taxes, and HR data. The agency also consistently reports on the relocation program’s progress and analyzes areas for improvement and cost savings.

Higher Employee Recruitment & Retention

Full-service corporate relocation is a major benefit that attracts high-quality candidates, increases the success of inter-company transitions, and retains employees. When companies outsource relocation services, they demonstrate to employees that they are valued and make a great impression.

A More Productive HR Department

Keeping corporate relocation management services internal bogs down human resources departments. When relocation is just one of an HR team’s many tasks, they do not have the experience and network to perform relocations efficiently. The lack of specialization balloons costs, the number of internal staff resources, and the underutilization of cost-efficient strategies.

Corporate relocation is a highly hands-on service. Human resources have too many responsibilities to attend to the minutiae of scheduling a household goods shipment pickup or finding a suitable school for an employee’s child.

Outsource relocation services to experts and keep human resources focused on their most valuable task: managing, engaging, and caring for their personnel.

Common Corporate Relocation Agency Services

Corporate relocation management services include everything a company, employees, and their families need to successfully relocate and settle into a new role. Companies depend on relocation providers for a whole range of services, but the most common include:


Ready to Outsource Relocation Services?

Working with a relocation agency isn’t just about the ease of outsourcing an HR function. The right corporate relocation company will dramatically reduce costs while improving efficiencies and satisfaction.

NRI Relocation has helped hundreds of big and small companies successfully outsource their relocation services. Let’s begin the discussion if you’re ready to explore how a relocation management company can help you.

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