Relocation technology by NRI Relocation provides your relocating employees and key corporate users with easy and secure online access to a relocation platform complete with live data, reports, and analysis.  Our proprietary relocation technology platform ReloHub® is a robust system with real-time data and insights into your relocation program.

Corporate Users

The NRI ReloHub® relocation technology is designed to help your corporate HR, Finance, Accounting, and Payroll departments stay informed about all aspects of your relocation program.  Unlimited and custom-configurable users have easy access to numerous online tools and reports:

  • ReloAnalytics Dashboard & Key Live Stats
  • Cost Estimate Tools & Budgets
  • Online Authorizations
  • Employee Move & Supplier Data
  • Moving Notes per Employee
  • Live Service Status Reports
  • Employee Satisfaction Results
  • Total Relocation Cost Reporting
  • Policy Exception & Denial Cost Reporting
  • U.S. Payroll & Tax Reporting
  • And More!

Employee Users

For relocating employees, NRI ReloHub® is designed to help them stay informed while on-the-go about their relocation.  Key contact names, contact info, benefit status, service dates, relocation policy info, tax information, and other pertinent data is all available to them within their account.  Unique and curated content on their new work location and area is also provided.

Additionally, our online relocation expense feature allows your employees to submit their out-of-pocket expenses for reimbursement at any time from any computer or mobile device.  Reimbursement payment status via text is also accessible.

To learn more about the relocation technology and online reporting offered by NRI Relocation, please Contact Us for a free overview and demo.  If you are a current client, please visit our ReloHub® site to login and access your information.