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The work of a corporate relocation specialist is at the heart of every successful relocation. Why does your company need the expertise of a corporate relocation consultant?

In this article, we will examine the role of a corporate relocation consultant and the essential services they provide to both the transferee and the client company.

Even human resources departments that excel at effective global mobility management don’t have the dedicated resources, specialization, and network to achieve the same results as corporate relocation specialists. We’ll explain the characteristics of a good corporate relocation consultant and why they can be a game changer for your company’s HR department and relocating employees.

What is a Corporate Relocation Consultant?

A corporate relocation consultant is a professional hired by a company’s HR department to manage and oversee all aspects of employees’ moves to new locations. The relocation consultant’s role includes managing the relocation vendors, facilitating the relocation services, guiding the employee and their families, adhering to the relocation policy and budgets, and reporting to the company’s human resources.

The relocation consultant has a critical role within a corporate relocation company, which also provides bigger-picture expertise on relocation policy, management, and reporting.

Corporate relocation consultants, also known as corporate relocation specialists, are invaluable because they work closely with transferees to plan and coordinate all services required for their specific move. Relocation consultants serve as one point of contact for all relocation needs and maintain regular communication with transferees as the relocation progresses.

Relocation specialists are responsible for explaining and addressing transferees’ relocation benefits questions. As dedicated liaisons, the corporate relocation consultant will advocate for employees to all the providers involved in their move.

A good relocation consultant adds value to both the company and its employees. They manage all policy details and benefits, orchestrating the entire relocation process from start to finish.

What is a Global Mobility Specialist?

A global mobility specialist is a corporate relocation consultant who specializes in the intricate domain of international relocation. These relocation specialists distinguish themselves from their domestic counterparts because moves abroad involve more complexity, additional moving pieces, and a broader array of services. 

International moves often entail longer timelines and may include the repatriation process, where the global mobility specialist manages the employee’s return to their home country. Global mobility consultants bring heightened expertise to navigate the intricacies of international relocation with personal care and efficiency.

A global mobility specialist manages every aspect of employee international moves

Why Do Companies & Human Resources Hire Corporate Relocation Specialists?

Companies and HR departments need corporate relocation specialists for their unparalleled ability to manage the myriad of details involved in the relocation process. Armed with extensive knowledge, these relocation specialists navigate a diverse range of situations. A relocation consultant helps employees enjoy a smooth move, no matter the challenges.

Relocation consultants can identify and work with the right vendors from our network of trusted, vetted partners. This meticulous selection guarantees the best services in what matters to employees, from closing home sales without delays to delivering household goods without damages.

Relocation specialists operate as an extension of the company’s HR department. They play a pivotal role in adhering to relocation policies and budget constraints. By entrusting the relocation process to dedicated professionals, companies streamline operations and remove the massive burden of managing relocation from human resources.

Beyond corporate operations, relocation consultants also provide emotional support. They act as a guiding presence for employees and their families during the often stressful relocation period. With empathetic hand-holding, relocation consultants remove stress from the employee. This benefit increases productivity in new roles and helps families adjust to their new locations.

Hiring NRI’s corporate relocation specialists is not just a logistical choice; it is an investment in the well-being and productivity of employees and their families during a critical period of change.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Corporate Relocation Consultant?

Good corporate relocation consultants possesses unique characteristics that go beyond the standard skill set.

1. Empathy and Compassion:  A good relocation consultant is a compassionate listener. They demonstrate empathy towards the needs and concerns of the employee and their family. This personal touch minimizes issues and creates a supportive environment during the relocation process.

2. Thoroughness and Clarity:  A good consultant reviews all aspects of the move with the transferee. They ensure the employee understands the process and is satisfied with the logistics and timeline. The relocation consultant fosters an environment where transferees feel comfortable reaching out with questions or concerns.

3. Stress Management:  A thoughtful relocation consultant alleviates stress during the relocation process. They aim to be professional, easy to work with, and responsive.

4. Clear Communication Skills:  Clear and effective communication is critical for a smooth transition. A good relocation consultant maintains quick and accurate responses through emails, texts, and calls. They keep the transferee well-informed and supported throughout the process.

5. Knowledge and Expertise:  A proficient relocation consultant possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in relocation processes, policies, and best practices. They can navigate complexities with ease. The consultant’s understanding of the intricacies of relocation contributes to the success of each move and provides valuable guidance to both employees and companies.

In essence, NRI’s skilled corporate relocation consultants blend professionalism, empathy, and expertise to guide transferees through the challenges of relocation. The result is a positive and efficient experience for all parties involved.

A relocation specialist guides employees through their move

Working with a Corporate Relocation Specialist: The Transferee

Even if the policy’s relocation benefits are the same, every transferee is different. The distinct needs, availability, communication styles, and family dynamics of relocating employees make each move a unique experience.

The success of the relocation consultant and transferee relationship hinges on the ability to understand and adapt to these individual nuances. A skilled corporate relocation specialist recognizes the importance of tailoring their approach to craft a successful relocation journey for every employee.

Authorizing the Corporate Relocation

The first critical step of a corporate relocation is securing authorization. The sooner approval is obtained, the better, as it prevents employees from taking independent actions that may complicate the relocation.

Upon receiving authorization, NRI Relocation promptly assigns a relocation consultant to the client, triggering an introductory call within 24 hours. During this call, the relocation consultant gains insights into the unique aspects of the move, laying the groundwork for a strategic plan.

Often, transferees need clarification about the details of their policy and how it aligns with their specific needs and timeline. It’s a major win for everyone when employees understand the value of their employer’s relocation benefits. The employee is thankful to avoid out-of-pocket costs and the complexities of moving independently.

Relocation is dynamic, and employees frequently adjust their timelines. A skilled relocation consultant excels at coaching employees on policy allowances and benefits. This enables adaptation to changing concerns, needs, and timelines. This adaptive approach serves the employee’s best interests and contributes to a successful and well-managed relocation process.

Communication with the Corporate Relocation Consultant

The relocation journey involves a series of touchpoints between the relocation consultant and the transferee. The more benefits offered, the greater the number of communications. For example, if the move requires a real estate transaction, the consultant will be in touch every few weeks, once a month, or every couple of days during the offer period.

A corporate relocation consultant assists with all aspects of the employee move, including home sale

Regular check-ins are particularly crucial for home sales. Constant monitoring of the marketing strategy is essential for success. For home purchases or rentals, the process involves a thorough needs assessment, agent selection, and ongoing communication, extending even after the home-finding trip. 

Services provided by relocation specialists usually overlap. Regardless, the consultant provides continuous support and guidance throughout the relocation process. Each employee’s consultant is accessible for any questions that arise. Their familiarity with the unique circumstances of each relocation makes the entire process simpler.

Coordinating Corporate Relocation Services

NRI’s corporate relocation consultants coordinate and streamline the entire move for transferees. They manage every aspect of the relocation, including expenses, movers, real estate transactions, temporary housing, auto shipments, and pet transport. They help employees and their families reach their destination as quickly as possible with the least stress.

Beyond logistical coordination, relocation consultants also offer personalized advice and solutions to proactively address and mitigate any problems or challenges that may arise during the relocation. This lets the transferee focus on settling into their new environment without unnecessary concerns.

Domestic Corporate Relocation Coordination

Domestic relocation requires household goods moving and a range of services. However, the most significant aspect of a domestic corporate relocation is coordinating the home sale and home purchase. Domestic corporate relocation specialists navigate the intricacies of real estate transactions and streamline the residential transition for transferees.

Coordination By Global Mobility Specialists

The most complicated aspect of international moves is the coordination of household goods and settling-in services. While the basics are similar to domestic moves, international relocations require additional coordination around timelines for visas/immigration paperwork, ocean shipping, airlines, and an understanding of diverse regulations around goods importation, temporary housing, and more in various countries. Global mobility specialists navigate the complexities of global mobility, ensuring a straightforward transition for employees across borders.

Settle-In & Repatriation 

The endpoint of a relocation consultant’s responsibilities with the transferee differs between domestic and global mobility moves. The consultant’s duties typically conclude for domestic relocations once the transferee has moved and settled into their new location. 

In the realm of global mobility, these responsibilities extend until settle-in services are completed or the entire move is finalized, including potential delays in delivery. After this settled phase, the consultant is no longer involved unless there’s a change or update to the situation 

The process eventually transitions to repatriation authorization when the employer reaches out again to NRI Relocation at the end of an assignment.

NRI Relocation Consultants serve domestic and global mobility moves

Working with a Corporate Relocation Specialist: The Client

Corporate Relocation Policy

NRI Relocation collaborates with each company to craft a unique corporate relocation policy. From there, our corporate relocation consultants take charge of its management. 

These specialists possess a comprehensive understanding of the policy’s benefits, skillfully balancing the needs of the relocating employee with the company’s cultural and financial objectives. NRI Relocation minimizes exceptions and company costs, actively seeks cost-effective alternatives, and ensures providers are well-informed about policy coverage. 

When necessary, NRI consultants may seek approval for any exceptions to the transferee’s policy that might be necessary to successfully relocate the transferee on time to start their new job. Other exceptions may be requested when necessary. 

For example, a transferee might have a family of five to move. His policy has a household goods weight cap of 6,000 lbs. typical for a family of two. An exception request is sent to the client to see if they will cover a larger household goods move than their policy allows. The client approves the request because the consultant presents them with a reasonable explanation of the situation, highlighting the collaborative and flexible nature of the client-consultant relationship.

Corporate Relocation Updates

Corporate relocation consultants serve as the lifeline between the client and the transferee. Through constant communication, the client is informed of every relocation’s progress—including both the positive and the challenging aspects. 

Through regular updates, relocation consultants keep the client company in the loop, relay any requests for exceptions, and address transferee concerns. This ongoing dialogue ensures that the client remains up to date on any unusual situations or issues. Effective communication is key to a successful and transparent partnership between the corporate relocation consultant and the client.

NRI Relocation Corporate Relocation & Global Mobility Specialists Go Above & Beyond

At NRI Relocation, our corporate relocation consultants are not one-size-fits-all. We recognize that each transferee is unique and tailor every approach accordingly. While guided by established policies and procedures, our relocation consultants constantly adapt to transferees’ individual styles and needs. We understand that life can create obstacles, delays, and other pitfalls during a relocation cycle. Flexibility is a cornerstone of our approach.

Our commitment goes beyond the standard nine-to-five schedule. NRI consultants understand relocating employees’ busy work schedules. Our relocation consultants make themselves available after hours, nights, and weekends. In emergency situations, we are readily accessible to support employees and our partners.

NRI Relocation consultants are backed by a wealth of knowledge and genuine care for transferring employees and their families. Our consultants are relocation specialists. Years of experience have equipped NRI to provide quality advice and support and navigate transferees through diverse challenges.

Our strong relationships with providers allow us to advocate and negotiate on behalf of transferees. The collaborative strength of our consultant team gives every transferee an easier moving experience.

NRI Relocation has managed thousands of corporate employee moves with customized and personal service.

Relocation Consultants Taking Relocation Personally

NRI’s relocation consultants are set apart by their commitment to personalized service. This means taking the time to truly understand each transferee and their unique situation. At NRI, we deliberately keep each relocation consultant’s caseload below the standard industry volume to provide more dedicated attention. We actively encourage questions and explain every aspect until the transferee feels confident and understood—even if it takes an hour of discussion.

Our relocation consultants are chosen for their compassionate personalities. They forge genuine relationships with transferees. This connection makes employees comfortable reaching out with any questions or concerns, all of which are addressed promptly.

Hire Corporate Global Mobility & Relocation Consultants

In the vast landscape of corporate relocation and global mobility, a relocation consultant provides a service that exceeds an HR department’s capabilities. Relocation specialists’ personal touch, adaptability, and expertise are indispensable to a smooth and successful transition for employees and their families.

Consider the value a relocation consultant brings to the table—personalized attention, proactive problem-solving, and a commitment to a stress-free relocation experience. To optimize your company’s global mobility management, hire NRI’s dedicated relocation consultants. Their unique skill set and personalized approach will benefit your employees and enhance the overall efficiency and budget of your relocation program. 

Contact us to get started with NRI Relocation’s expertise.