Corporate Employee Relocation Services with a Personal Touch

NRI Relocation: A Corporate Employee Relocation Company

We believe corporate employee relocation services propel talent to their new career opportunities. Therefore, as an employee relocation company, NRI Relocation focuses on the experience. 

Our goal is for organizations’ employees to be engaged, productive, and successful during their transition to the new role. We do this by connecting our values-based philosophy of Taking Relocation Personally with every employee daily.

Too often, corporate employee relocation companies treat employee relocations as a black-and-white transaction. From experience, we know employees’ needs don’t always fit within the lines drawn by their policy. NRI Relocation seeks creative solutions to customize corporate employee relocation services while striving for our clients’ goals.

NRI Relocation has managed thousands of corporate employee moves this way. Our focus on personal service and customer attention will always be number one. We promise to be personal, flexible, and transparent and treat each of your employees as if we were moving our own lives and family.

Award-Winning Employee Relocation Company

Trust your organization’s relocations with the best employee relocation company.

NRI Relocation is proud to be named one of the top corporate employee relocation companies by HRO Today, five years running.

What is Employee Relocation?

Employee relocation is when an employee and their family must move to a new city, state, or country to accept a job with a new company or to take on a new role or assignment with their existing company.

The company may provide compensation for the move in the form of an employee relocation package or benefits.

The employee relocation process includes moving household goods, buying, renting, and/or selling a home, and many other services required to relocate an employee and their family.

NRI offers corporate employee relocation services

How Do Companies Relocate Employees?

Companies will relocate employees three ways: with an in-house global mobility department, by outsourcing the move to a corporate employee relocation company, or by providing reimbursement or monetary bonus for the employee to manage their move themselves.

Using Relocating Employees’ Best Practices

At NRI Relocation, we believe outsourcing employee relocation management is the best solution for both an organization’s budget and the quality of corporate employee relocation services.

NRI can draw from their extensive experience to help organizations craft relocation policies that incorporate best practices in line with their industry, company culture, and budget.

Our clients leverage our vast network of top-quality relocation vendors, providing every kind of corporate employee relocation service.

It is best practice to provide services for managing employee relocation. Simply providing reimbursement puts the burden of the relocation on the employee, detracting from their satisfaction with the need to relocate and negatively impacting their productivity.

In-house mobility services capabilities are often more limited than those of a corporate employee relocation management company and may incur greater expenses.

NRI offers corporate employee relocation services

NRI’s Process For Managing Employee Relocation

When delivering employee relocation services, it’s NRI’s job to stay one step ahead and be your employee’s primary resource during the move.

Our team of employee relocation counselors is here 24/7 when needs change, something doesn’t go as planned, or life happens, and your employee has a new requirement. We are constantly anticipating and assessing needs to not only avert problems but to capitalize on opportunities to make moves easier for your employees.

Our process starts with a sound policy. We manage our corporate employee relocation services with the personal service of our relocation counselors paired with relocation technology to guide employees through their relocation while keeping our clients informed. NRI Relocation works continuously with our clients to report on their relocation program’s progress and identify areas for improvement.

Corporate Employee Relocation Services

Employee Moving Services

NRI provides moving services to transport employees’ belongings to their new homes safely.

Employee Real Estate Services

Whether an employee needs to buy, rent, or sell a house, NRI Relocation provides real estate services to find a new home to fit the employee’s lifestyle while maximizing their investments.

Comprehensive Corporate Employee Relocation Services

Moving and real estate is just the beginning. NRI Relocation’s corporate employee relocation services include tax, mortgage, temporary living, school assistance, pet relocation, car transport, and more.

Relocating Employees in the US

As a US corporate employee relocation company based in Chicago, NRI Relocation can relocate employees to or from anywhere in the United States.

Relocating Employees Internationally

NRI Relocation specializes in employee global mobility services and can move employees internationally for short or long-term relocation.

Corporate Employee Relocation Company For Any Role

Relocating For a Job or New Hire

NRI provides services for employees relocating for a new job. We will help your organization make a great first impression and assist the employee in hitting the ground running.

Corporate Relocation Services For Executives

NRI provides executive-level employee relocation services. We address every detail and ensure the service quality is at the highest level to keep your most valued talent focused on their workplace responsibilities.

Partner with One of the Best Corporate Employee Relocation Companies

If your organization is ready to structure your relocation services, NRI Relocation will help you begin. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top corporate employee relocation company.

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