Corporate Relocation Destination Services For Employees & Families

Relocation destination services ensure the success of a corporate relocation. Relocating employees is more than just a physical move; it’s a transition into a new chapter of life. At NRI Relocation, we facilitate this change through comprehensive settling-in services for employees and their families.

Orienting to a new city or country after an employee moves requires a long to-do list. From finding the best schools, fitness centers, and banks to helping set up utilities and health services, our corporate employee relocation services address every aspect of their daily life.

Our priority is to make the entire relocation process a positive experience for everyone involved. When employees and their families feel comfortable in their new city, it ensures the assignment’s success.

Relocation Support for Employees and Their Families

An employee’s decision to relocate often hinges on more than just the job. Employees consider their family, comfort, and a sense of belonging. The happiness and well-being of an employee’s family play a critical role in the decision-making process, and the ultimate success of a relocation relies heavily on the family’s satisfaction with their new environment. 

When families thrive, employees flourish. According to a Pew Research study, a positive family and home life is an important indicator of job satisfaction. A positive family relocation directly increases employee retention, the likelihood of accepting job offers, and the overall success of transfers.

As employers, corporate employee relocation services are not just a strategy. It’s a company’s responsibility to care for its employees and their families.

Relocation destination services are essential for making employee relocations a success.

What Are Relocation Destination Services?

Relocation Destination Services ensures employees and their families smoothly transition into their new environment after a corporate relocation. These settling-in services help families coordinate their day-to-day needs, such as banking, health services, children’s education, and more.

It’s our mission to set the entire family up for success, alleviating the typical stresses and emotional toll associated with such an employee move.

Importance of Global Mobility Employee Support & Destination Services

Imagine stepping into a country where everything feels foreign – the culture, the systems, even the basic norms. For employees relocating internationally, this is their reality. 

Relocation destination services bridge this gap. Settle-in services allow employees to navigate their new environment with confidence and ease. According to IMPACT Group, 79% of relocating employees report relocation support services at their destination saved them time during the move, and 73% share that destination services allow them to be more productive at work.

Destination Settling In Services For Relocation

Relocation destination services are essential for efficient and low-stress corporate employee relocations. The sooner an employee and their family can settle in after a global mobility move, the quicker they can dive into their new role with focus and passion. 

NRI’s range of corporate employee relocation services aim to expedite this settling-in process, ensuring comfort, familiarity, and readiness. The settling-in services described here are only a sample of what we can assist with to make the relocation destination more comfortable.

Medical & Healthcare

NRI assists employee families in finding doctors, sourcing specialists, and coordinating prescriptions. This destination service ensures the family’s health is in good hands. Employees will have peace of mind knowing that their medical needs are a priority for their company.


From research to recommendations, we simplify the school-finding process. We understand the importance of education, and our team will identify the best international schools and local institutions that align with each child’s academic and personal growth. Learn more about our school assistance.

Medical care is just one of the relocation support services NRI can provide.

Vehicle Lease or Purchase

NRI streamlines employees’ vehicle lease or purchase process by assessing individual needs, leveraging local market knowledge, and assisting with negotiations. Beyond helping with vehicle acquisition, we also provide guidance for driver’s license procedures and insurance needs.

For employees who prefer auto transportation abroad or domestically, we can coordinate that corporate employee relocation service.

Relocation Home Finding

A new life feels complete with the perfect home. Our relocation support services encompass neighborhood recommendations, temporary housing options, localized market insights, and furniture acquisition.

Whether your employees prefer to rent or own, our relocation home search services can identify the perfect apartment or single-family home.

Utilities Set-Up

Minimize paperwork and logistics headaches with our utility set-up assistance. NRI coordinates with local providers to ensure timely and hassle-free service activations in the new location.

Cultural & Language Training

We believe in holistic integration. Immersive culture and language training extends to the entire family, equipping transferees with essential skills and knowledge to seamlessly integrate into their new environment.

Arrival Services

The most disorienting transition can be the initial arrival in a new city or country. From airport pick-ups to welcome baskets at the hotel, employees and their family will receive a warm welcome from the moment they land.

NRI Relocation offers immersive culture and language training for employees.

Spouse/Partner Career Assistance

An employee’s spouse or partner’s own career can be a major deterrent to relocating. The partner’s needs and integral role should also be a priority. Employee partner career assistance can turn relocation into a new career milestone for them too. We can help identify opportunities and ensure career continuity for spouses and partners.

More Relocation Destination Services

Whatever your employees’ unique needs might be after a global mobility relocation, we’re here to assist and make their arrival and settling in as smooth as possible.

Provide Corporate Relocation Destination Services To Your Employees

Moving to a new location is not just about changing an address; it’s about starting a new phase of life. With NRI, you can transform your employees’ relocation experience into a journey of ease and excitement. 

Our broad spectrum of relocation support services ensures every moving aspect is addressed, from settling into a new home to acclimating to a new culture. With our experienced team, you won’t just provide a service; you’ll give your employees a seamless start in their new destination.

Ready to redefine your approach to employee relocation? Dive into a world of low-stress transitions with NRI. Get in touch today and let’s make your next move a success!