Relocation Mortgage Assistance For Corporate Employees

Relocation Mortgage

NRI Relocation supplies relocation mortgage assistance for corporate relocation programs and employees needing financing and loans.

Purchasing a home in their new destination is one of the most significant challenges employees face during corporate relocation. Securing financing, especially during unexpected employee relocations, can be a formidable barrier for companies attempting to hire and move employees to where their skills are needed.

Relocating employees also face logistics beyond the conventional house-hunting process. Diving into the intricacies of obtaining a mortgage while juggling the many moving can quickly become overwhelming.

That’s where NRI Relocation steps in. By collaborating closely with employers, we present an invaluable solution – mortgage assistance designed to expedite moves and alleviate the financial burden on employees.

Getting a Mortgage While Relocating

Relocating employees often find themselves navigating a myriad of distinct challenges when trying to secure a mortgage. These include addressing ever-changing lender requirements due to their transitioning status and the subsequent need to prove residency. 

Securing a favorable mortgage can become particularly difficult when moving to an area with a significantly higher cost of living. Coordinating the timing and logistics of obtaining a mortgage becomes even more complicated when there’s a pressing need to relocate quickly and avoid all obstacles to closing.

Additionally, getting employment verification while relocating can be cumbersome, sometimes requiring additional documentation to verify income stability during the transition.

At NRI Relocation, our team of experts counsel employers and their employees seamlessly through these mortgage challenges.

Relocation Letter From An Employer for a Mortgage

A Relocation Letter is an official document designed to help employees get a mortgage when they relocate for a job. It provides evidence of employment and reason for the move as proof for landlords or mortgage lenders.

As part of a corporate relocation package, a Relocation Letter from an employer serves as a pivotal tool in simplifying the intricate relocation process. It increases the likelihood of quickly securing housing.

Types of Relocation Mortgages & Relocation Loans

NRI provides relocation mortgage assistance to employers establishing comprehensive relocation programs. We tailor relocation loans and mortgages to expedite home buying and employee transfers.

Relocation Mortgages

Relocation mortgages are a specialized type of mortgage employers offer as part of a comprehensive relocation package. These mortgage options make the process more affordable, with an accelerated timeline and outside support for the employee.

A relocation mortgage may offer employees extensive benefits such as:

  • Lower interest rates or discounted fees
  • Assistance with a down payment or closing costs
  • Flexible qualifying requirements
  • Favorable terms for the borrower
  • Guaranteed home buyout


A relocation mortgage can help employees secure housing
NRI offers relocation loans to encompass expenses associated with moving.

Relocation Loans

Relocation loans are specialized financial tools designed to assist employees during the tumultuous process of moving. As part of a corporate relocation package, they often involve financial contributions from the employer with no or low-interest rates to the relocating employee. 

Unlike traditional loans or mortgages that solely focus on home purchases, relocation loans encompass a broader spectrum of expenses associated with moving. 

Relocation loans may cover:

  • Moving costs
  • Temporary housing
  • Travel expenses
  • Storage
  • Security deposits 
  • Unforeseen expenses

NRI Relocation’s Relocation Mortgage Assistance

NRI Relocation works with employers to obtain the best mortgage and loan solutions for their staff. Our goal is to help employees overcome the financial hurdles of relocation to give them a smoother transition that ensures their satisfaction in their new roles. 

One of the ways we achieve this goal is with our valued home marketing assistance and home sale options. We have innovated relocation home buyouts with our reputable BVO and GBO home sale programs.

We are also proud to have Rocket Mortgage as our trusted partner in offering relocation mortgage assistance.

Rocket Mortgage: NRI’s Relocation Mortgage Lender Partner

relocation mortgage

Rocket Mortgage is NRI’s preferred mortgage partner. 

This online mortgage application program was developed by Quicken Loans, the largest retail mortgage lender in the United States. The lender specifically created programs for the mortgage assistance of relocating employees. 

Award-winning customer service, a dedicated employee relocation team, a wide range of loan options, and competitive relocation mortgage rates are why they’re a great choice for relocating employees.

These relocation mortgages are available through user-friendly technology, with mobile management and a streamlined online application.

Through this partnership, NRI provides personalized professional guidance, ensuring the mortgage process becomes a breeze for relocating employees. Learn more about our partner, Rocket Mortgage.

Let’s Set Up Your Corporate Relocation Mortgage Program

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