Complete Relocation Management For Employees & Expenses

At NRI Relocation, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive solutions to every arena of relocation management, including employee relocation expenses. 

From reimbursement procedures to payroll and W-2 updates, our dedicated team tracks, budgets, and optimizes expenses to ensure smooth relocation management. 

Our relocation expense management continues beyond basic assistance. NRI Relocation has expertise in comprehensive tax assistance, ensuring your company’s relocation processes are compliant and optimized. 

Whether your employees move domestically or embark on global mobility, our robust relocation expense management systems keep everything on track while offering comprehensive reporting, relocation program audits, and compliance checks.

Ultimately, NRI Relocation’s comprehensive corporate relocation expense management saves companies money while increasing employee productivity and happiness.

Corporate Relocation Reimbursement

The path of relocating an employee may take different financial routes. Whether a company utilizes direct payments or relocation reimbursement, NRI Relocation partners with your company to streamline this process.

Corporate relocation reimbursement can make or break an employee transfer or onboarding. Companies must reimburse corporate relocation expenses quickly to enhance the employee relocation experience and alleviate stress.

 Employee Relocation Expense Reimbursement

Relocating involves numerous unexpected expenses. Our goal is to provide a smooth and clear reimbursement process as part of the relocation management package so that employees get relocation expenses reimbursed as soon as possible. 

Fast reimbursement is critical to employee care and happiness. NRI Relocation is proud of our average reimbursement turnaround time of under two business days.

Relocation Management of W-2 Payroll Updates

With relocation comes changes to payroll. Whether your company reimburses employee expenses through payroll or restructures compensation as part of the relocation, accuracy is paramount. 

That’s why NRI Relocation prides itself on our 99% year-end W-2 payroll accuracy rate. We work diligently to ensure your payroll updates are accounted for correctly, minimizing potential complications.

NRI Relocation has a 99% year-end W-2 payroll accuracy rate.

 Accounting for Employee Relocation Costs & Expenses

Our team works hand in hand with your accounting department to ensure the highest accuracy in accounting for relocation costs. 

A significant part of this collaboration revolves around accounting for employee relocation costs and reimbursements. Our team diligently navigates diverse expenses like housing, travel, and international visa costs, ensuring each is meticulous tracked as part of comprehensive relocation expense management.

Let us take the burden off your HR, Accounts Payable, and Payroll staff and handle all aspects of accounting for employee relocation costs, including budgeting, tracking, and reporting.

At NRI Relocation, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive solutions to every arena of relocation management, including employee relocation expenses.

Corporate Relocation Taxes Assistance

The realm of relocation expenses and reimbursing relocation expenses can often lead to confusion over tax liabilities for employees and employers. 

At NRI Relocation, we provide clarity and guidance through full-scale relocation management. We work strategically to minimize taxes, benefiting both employees and employers.

Taxable Relocation Expenses & Reimbursements

Understanding what is and isn’t taxable regarding employee relocation expenses and reimbursements is essential. We approach relocation expenses tax three ways.

First, we advise companies on the tax ramifications of their corporate relocation policies so they fully understand the relocation tax expenses for both employees and employers.

Next, NRI structures employee relocation programs to alleviate the tax burden. For example, we offer expert advice on tax minimization strategies like home sale programs.

Finally, our relocation experts provide comprehensive reporting on all relocation taxes and reimbursements, ensuring readiness for tax time.

Relocation Gross-Up Calculations

The term ‘gross-up’ might seem enigmatic, but it’s a crucial part of the relocation process. In essence, gross-up refers to the method employers use to compensate the taxes associated with relocation benefits. Employers calculate additional payments to offset the federal and state tax deducted from employees’ relocation reimbursement amount.

NRI Relocation takes the guesswork out of these calculations to ensure accuracy and employee satisfaction.

Relocation Expense Management

At NRI Relocation, we don’t just handle your relocation expenses; we create your company’s policy and budget as part of our inclusive relocation management. 

By benchmarking against competitors and industry trends, we seek and identify areas where companies can optimize relocation expenses. Our team diligently tracks all relocation expenses to provide streamlined reporting.

Next, we continuously perform a corporate relocation program audit to find new opportunities to reduce costs or increase value.

Global Mobility Expense Management

Undoubtedly, relocation expense management becomes more complicated with global mobility. We offer international relocation expense management services for employees embarking on cross-border moves, including foreign currency payment options. 

As international relocations incur more expenses, we provide compensation analysis as part of our global mobility expense management.

Does your company have proper relocation management for employee moving expenses and reimbursements?

Relocation Program Reports, Audits, & Compliance

Navigating relocation reimbursement and reporting procedures can be tedious and complex. Let us handle the tough stuff and ensure your processes comply with IRS regulations and your company’s relocation program goals.

Our relocation management services include relocation tax reports, tax compliance procedures, transparent reporting on reimbursement statuses, and continual expense progress reporting for optimized expenses.

Top-to-Bottom Relocation Management For Expenses

NRI Relocation is your one-stop solution for all your relocation expense management needs. From day one to completion, we manage every detail, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process. 

NRI Relocation designed our comprehensive relocation management services to alleviate the pressure of all the relocation expense details, allowing your team to focus on what they do best. 

Ready to simplify your relocation processes? Contact us today and let our expert team take care of the rest.