Corporate Relocation Housing & Temporary Rentals

NRI’s relocation specialists excel in sourcing corporate relocation housing worldwide for companies and their employees. From urban apartments to suburban condos and single-family homes, we provide all types of corporate housing to cater to individual employees, couples, or families. 

NRI Relocation can make the transition even more seamless with modern, comfortable, furnished corporate relocation housing. Your employees will immediately feel at home at their destination and ready to contribute productively at work.

Our network of corporate housing providers simplifies the process for corporate rentals and temporary living needs. Your employees and their families will love their accommodations while living away from home.

NRI Relocation will expertly handle your corporate housing needs, providing peace of mind and comfort during corporate relocations.

What is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing provides short or long-term accommodations for employees and their families who have relocated for work. These residential properties, such as apartments, condominiums, or single-family homes, are usually fully furnished and well-equipped for immediate move-in.

Corporate relocation housing providers tailor these temporary housing solutions to professionals and individuals who require comfortable and convenient living arrangements while on assignment for work or during their corporate relocation transition.

Corporate Employee Housing For Your Company’s Needs

Companies often require corporate housing for:

  • Employees’ international assignments
  • Short-term work projects
  • Frequent business travel to specific locations
  • While employees search for permanent housing during a relocation

These flexible corporate temporary housing arrangements cater to the unique demands of corporate employees and ensure their comfort and convenience in every scenario.

NRI arranges flexible corporate temporary housing for your company's needs.

Seamless Corporate Relocation Housing Management

At NRI Relocation, we understand how overwhelming corporate relocation can be for both employees and their loved ones. That’s why our relocation specialists go the extra mile to ensure a seamless and hassle-free relocation housing experience.

We take great pride in listening to each family’s unique needs and preferences, and our corporate relocation housing solutions are customized to align with their individual lifestyles. 

Every market is different. Budget or relocation policies shouldn’t hinder employees from finding corporate house rentals they love. With access to a diverse range of global temporary housing options, we can accommodate everyone’s needs.

NRI Relocation has a network of top corporate relocation housing providers worldwide. No matter where your employees are within the United States or worldwide, our team of relocation specialists will coordinate corporate short-term rentals that meet their wants and standards.

Our corporate relocation housing is designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment with all the essential furnishings and amenities. Turnkey arrival simplifies the transition and makes the overall employee relocation and mobility experience more enjoyable. 

At NRI, we believe that every detail is important. All our services are meticulously coordinated with other aspects of corporate relocation to create a well-synchronized process. We want your employees to feel cared for and supported every step of the way.

Types of Corporate Housing Rentals

Furnished Corporate Housing

Clean, modern, and comfortable furnishings are a defining feature of corporate housing. Furnished corporate housing spares employees the hassle and expense of acquiring furniture and essentials. 

These furnished corporate housing spaces are thoughtfully designed with modern decor. Your employees will enjoy a comfortable and stylish environment. 

NRI’s corporate furnished apartments and houses often include a wide range of amenities within individual units and throughout the building. Comforts include fully equipped kitchens, in-unit laundry facilities, and high-speed internet access. 

Many corporate apartment buildings offer additional amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, business centers, and even concierge services to make your employees’ lifestyle convenient.

NRI’s corporate furnished apartments and houses often include a wide range of amenities within individual units and throughout the building.

Corporate Short-Term Rentals

Corporate short-term rentals cater to professionals seeking flexible accommodation options for various purposes. These corporate short-term rentals are ideally suited for extended business trips that go beyond the confines of a traditional hotel stay.

Short-term corporate housing accommodates stays under a year, making them perfect for temporary employee housing during relocation or short-term work assignments. Short-term rentals offer employees a comfortable and convenient living space that feels more like home, even when far from it.

Long-Term Corporate Housing

Long-term corporate housing provides a reliable solution for professionals engaged in multi-year work assignments domestically or abroad.  A comfortable and stable environment ensures professionals have a secure and welcoming place to call home throughout the duration of their extended work commitments.

Corporate Apartments

Corporate apartments are appealing to professionals seeking apartment living with amenities and services. These furnished corporate apartments are typically located within luxury buildings with a range of facilities, such as fitness centers, swimming pools, communal lounges, and concierge.

Safety and security are paramount in corporate apartment buildings, providing peace of mind for residents. 

Corporate apartments are often situated in vibrant, trendy neighborhoods, with a plethora of dining, entertainment, and recreational options within walking distance. Corporate furnished apartments’ strategic locations make commuting to the workplace a breeze, giving employees a great option for a well-connected living arrangement.

Corporate House Rentals

Corporate house rentals are an excellent alternative for professionals seeking spacious, quiet accommodations during work assignments. These single-family home and condo rentals are particularly well-suited for families. 

These fully furnished corporate house rentals provide families with comfort, space, and the convenience of a straightforward commute to the workplace. Corporate house rentals create a sense of stability and familiarity, even in a new location.

Corporate house rentals by NRI are an excellent alternative for professionals seeking spacious, quiet accommodations during work assignments.

U.S. Temporary Corporate Housing

U.S. temporary corporate housing is a versatile short-term accommodation solution for professionals working in the United States. NRI Relocation’s U.S. corporate housing options span major metropolitan areas to quaint small towns.

Corporate relocation housing is a great option when the new permanent residence is not yet ready. Interim employee housing provides comfortable and convenient housing during a domestic relocation.

U.S. corporate housing also serves the needs of individuals embarking on extended business trips or temporary work assignments. Temporary housing ensures they have a reliable and well-equipped place to call home anywhere in the country. 

International Corporate Housing For Global Mobility

International corporate housing caters to professionals with global mobility needs. Corporate relocation housing is available in virtually any city around the world. International corporate apartments and house rentals are equipped with all the necessary amenities regardless of the destination. 

International corporate housing is particularly beneficial for work assignments that span months or even years. Corporate temporary housing allows employees to make the most of their overseas experience from a secure and comfortable home base. 

NRI will provide assistance in finding the right neighborhood, ensuring that residents have a convenient and pleasant living environment in their host country.

Contact Us To Provide Employee Housing For Corporate Relocations

If you need corporate relocation housing solutions tailored to your specific requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our dedicated team at NRI Relocation will assist you in providing comfortable and convenient employee housing, whether for short-term assignments, long-term projects, or international relocations. 

With our expertise and commitment to seamless service, we ensure that the transition is smooth and stress-free for both you and your employees. Contact us today, and let us take care of your corporate housing needs with excellence.