Corporate Employee Relocation Policy Experts

Every company’s needs are unique. We work closely with companies to develop a comprehensive corporate employee relocation policy that perfectly blends your cultural and financial goals.

Our relocation consultants take the time to learn your culture and work closely with your HR and leadership team. NRI’s corporate relocation policy proposal covers the competitive environment, cost containment options, industry best practices, and more.

NRI Relocation centers on the belief that an employee relocation policy’s strategy, planning, and communication are the foundation for a successful corporate relocation program.

What is a Corporate Relocation Policy?

A corporate relocation policy is a set of guidelines and rules established by a company or HR department to manage the process and costs of moving employees from one location to another. Companies design employee relocation policies to ensure fair, consistent, quality, and transparent relocation for all employees.

An employee relocation policy details the company’s compensation for employees’ relocation expenses, including moving, housing, transportation, immigration, and more. This financial commitment usually comes in the form of provided corporate relocation services, reimbursements, or a lump sum payment.

The relocation policy will also set standards for eligibility for various levels of corporate relocation assistance, timelines for the transition, and procedures to address any issues throughout the process.

NRI’s Process: Crafting Your Company’s Relocation Policy

Whether our corporate relocation experts are starting from scratch or revamping an existing program, NRI Relocation’s experience and attention to detail yield a corporate relocation policy that organizations can proudly present to employees. 

NRI’s goal is to design an employee relocation program that provides confidence for your organization, supports talent recruitment and retention objectives, and is right for your company.

NRI’s Policy Consultations Include:

Alignment of cultural and financial objectives

Custom policy language

Creation of single or multiple policy tiers

Offer letter templates

Continuous benchmarking to national averages and major business sectors

Recommendations for annual policy updates based on trends

Access Worldwide ERC Policy Tools

The Importance of an Employee Relocation Policy

A well-defined employee relocation policy is critical to attract and retain talent. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to supporting its employees and their families through a significant transition.

A corporate relocation policy also provides clarity between employees and their company and ensures a fair, efficient, and consistent relocation process and compensation. According to SHRM, “a written policy prevents favoritism and pressure from managers to provide different treatment for their own hires or preferred employees.”

The Benefits of a Corporate Employee Relocation Policy

  • Attract Top Tier Talent
  • Support Employee Productivity
  • Enhance Company Culture & Values
  • Retain Employees Long Term
  • Control Costs & Budgets
  • Maintain Legal Compliance

Types of Employee Relocation Policies

There are three main types of employee relocation policies, and each relocation package type has its pros and cons. The right one for your organization will depend on your volume, budget, and culture. Some companies employ multiple types of relocation policies dependent on the employee’s seniority or needs.

Lump Sum Relocation Policy

This type of employee relocation policy provides employees with a fixed payment to use for their relocation expenses. The relocation policy would outline employee eligibility, how the lump sum amount is determined, gross up guideline, and the payment timeline.

However, this type of relocation policy has drawbacks. Learn more about lump sum relocation policies.

Employee Relocation Reimbursement Policy

In a reimbursement employee relocation policy, the employee submits invoices and receipts for relocation expenses for repayment. The policy would guide reimbursement caps, the types of services eligible, remittance deadlines, and tax assistance.

However, corporate relocation reimbursement policies can cause uncertainty & friction between the employer and employee. Here’s what you should know about a reimbursement approach.

Managed Corporate Relocation Services Policy

NRI Relocation specializes in designing managed corporate relocation services policies. We determine the services to include in each tier and type of employee move, source the vendors, manage the relocations from top to bottom, and continually adapt the policy to fit the organization’s needs. This policy provides the most clarity and care for the employee and their family.

U.S. Domestic Relocation Policy

NRI designs U.S. domestic relocation policies to account for the necessary services for an employee’s move to a new city or state, including:

Global Mobility Relocation Policy

NRI Relocation will help your organization choose global mobility policies that include all the services for an international employee move:

Corporate Relocation Budget & Cost Containment

An employee relocation policy should evolve with a company. NRI Relocation crafts relocation policies to fit your organization and then tracks spending to ensure you are on track to meet your goals. Our relocation consultants are continually analyzing your relocation expenses to find new savings.

Ongoing Policy Analysis & Benchmarking

NRI’s experts benchmark your corporate employee relocation policy against industry best practices. We inform your organization of relocation trends in services, strategy, and spending to ensure your employee relocation policy benefits stay ahead of the competition.

Request a Corporate Relocation Policy Sample

A good relocation policy is the foundation of a successful relocation program. Contact us to request a corporate relocation policy sample for your organization or schedule a free consultation.