Real Estate Relocation Services & Home Sale Assistance

 Home Selling Assistance From a Relocation Real Estate Company

One of the biggest corporate relocation challenges is the sale of the transferring employees’ existing property and the search for a home at their new destination. NRI offers a range of real estate relocation services to expedite the process, allowing employees to move on to their work priorities quickly without the distraction and stress of the home sale process.

Our strategies and programs excel at selling homes at the best price in the shortest time. As a corporate real estate relocation company, NRI provides home marketing assistance, home sale programs, home searches, and rental properties. Our relocation consultants connect employees with the right local real estate agents and support employees through the entire process.

Which Real Estate Relocation Services Do Companies Provide?

Real estate relocation services fall into four main categories:

Home Marketing Assistance:

NRI Relocation provides a real estate agent to list and market the employee’s home for a quick sale.

Home Sale Programs:

Our buyout programs facilitate the home’s sale to the relocation company to accelerate the transition and save the shipper and their employer taxes and fees.

Home Search:

NRI connects employees with local real estate agents to find the right property for the employee and their family to buy or rent in their new destination.


Rental & Temporary Corporate Housing:

The real estate relocation company will help renters vacate a lease early, find the perfect rental home in the employee’s destination, or arrange temporary housing.

Connecting You With the Best Relocation Real Estate Agent

A corporate relocation’s real estate transactions must be immediate and financially advantageous, so it’s critical for employees to work with the right real estate agent.

NRI Relocation leverages our extensive, worldwide network of real estate agents to provide expertise in local markets. The first priority is to correctly list, price, and market the origin home to equip the employee with the speed and top home sale revenue to start their transition. Next, a relocation real estate agent guides employees and their families to find home in a new and unfamiliar destination.

Realtors are extensively researched and screened by NRI Relocation’s strict criteria before being presented to transferees. Our consultants choose only the most experienced and successful agents to manage employees’ homes.

Once the employee selects their Realtor, they work with the NRI consultant to develop a realistic marketing plan and negotiate buyer offers. Ultimately, employees receive personalized guidance and support throughout the entire home sale and search process.

Relocation Home Selling Assistance

Relocating employees are eager to move on to their next opportunity. An employee’s home sale should never impede productivity and the role transition. When employees opt to sell their origin home, real estate relocation companies like NRI Relocation work with local agents to price, list, market, sell, and close the property.

Home Sale Marketing & Assistance

According to Indeed, home selling assistance is a key component of an employee relocation package. NRI Relocation’s home sale assistance services include:

Pricing Analysis

We work with local agent experts to evaluate the key factors, including regional real estate trends, comparable property sales, and the home’s unique features. These accurate assessments help employees set a competitive and realistic price for their property, assuring a fast and financially advantageous sale.

Tailored Home Sale Marketing Strategies

Relocation real estate companies use effective marketing strategies to generate interest and maximum exposure for an employee’s property. For example, NRI’s relocation real estate agents utilize popular real estate search platforms, high-quality photography, virtual tours, targeted advertising, open houses, and showings to attract qualified buyers.

Home Staging

Relocation companies and their agents coordinate home staging to declutter and enhance properties to increase the pace and value of a sale.


NRI’s relocation real estate agents are skilled negotiators and advocate for the employee’s best interests. Relocation companies facilitate a smooth closing process, alleviating stress for the employee and achieving a successful home sale.

Use a relocation buyer value option to sell a home quickly.

What are Relocation Home Sale Programs?

A relocation home sale program is a transaction in which the relocation company purchases a home from an employee so they can immediately move on to their destination. This option expedites relocations and saves employers’ taxes and fees.

How Does a Relocation Company Sell Your House?

The process of selling your house to a relocation company depends on the home sale option. Generally, a relocation company presents the employee with an offer in which the price is either determined by an appraisal or another offer.

The employee accepts the offer and receives the revenue from the home sale. Next, the relocation company sells the home to a new buyer. Because the relocation company is paying the real estate and closing costs in this scenario, the employee does not need to pay these expenses, and the employer can write them off.

Learn more about how relocation home sale programs work.

The Benefits of Selling a Home to A Real Estate Relocation Company

NRI Relocation specializes in corporate relocation home sale programs. We recommend these home sale options due to their benefits to both employers and employees.

For an employee, selling their home to a relocation company is the most painless way to embark on a relocation. This approach also avoids tax and real estate fee surprises, expenses, and complications.

Employers avoid the expense of grossing up employee compensation and the risk of carrying an employee’s real estate. Instead, companies benefit from increased employee productivity when they are not distracted by handling a stressful home sale.

Additional Real Estate Relocation Services For Employees

NRI’s comprehensive real estate relocation services accomplish any kind of employee housing need:

Home Search For Corporate Relocation

NRI’s home search services alleviate the daunting task of finding a new home in an unfamiliar location. Employees are assigned a relocation real estate agent to identify suitable properties that align with the employee’s unique preferences, budget, and desired location.

Home search services ensure employees find a new home that meets their requirements, from houses to apartments to condos, to furnished properties. This personalized corporate relocation service eases employees’ transition to a new area.

Mortgage Assistance

Real estate relocation companies like NRI Relocation connect employees with mortgage assistance professionals to provide financing options, help employees navigate the mortgage application process, and facilitate communication with lenders. We ensure employees have the financial resources to make their home purchase in their new destination a reality.

Real Estate Relocation Services For Renters

NRI’s real estate relocation services also cater to renters. Local agents assist employees in the search for rental apartments, condos, or single-family homes to fit any preference or budget. The service includes direction with neighborhood and local rental budget selections, rental application processes, lease negotiations, and ongoing support.

Corporate Relocation Temporary Housing 

If employees require temporary housing solutions for their transition, NRI Relocation can supply corporate relocation housing. Our network of top corporate housing providers offers comfortable, furnished, and modern accommodations close to the employee’s work site. Temporary housing options range from extended-stay hotels, serviced apartments, or short-term home rentals. This option allows employees and their families to arrive at their destination as soon as possible, settle in, and acclimate to their new city.

NRI is the Right Corporate Real Estate Relocation Company For Your Organization

When it comes to personalized support, extensive networks, and vendor quality, NRI Relocation is unmatched. No matter your employees’ real estate and housing needs, we have the home relocation services to manage one employee move or hundreds.

Let’s start with a relocation benefits analysis. Contact us to begin serving your employees.