Complete Relocation Program Management

Corporate Relocation Management For Your Company’s Program & Benefits

As a trusted corporate relocation management company, NRI Relocation can help your company plan and manage relocation benefits. 

Managing employee relocations can be a complex and time-consuming task for your HR Department. That’s where we come in – to serve as the ‘general contractor’ for your employees’ relocations. We alleviate your HR team’s burden by managing the myriad of tasks associated with relocation benefits. 

Consider NRI Relocation an extension of your HR Department. Our relocation consultants allow your team to direct the decisions without managing all the details. Our specialized approach delivers the best outcomes for your employees and creates a streamlined relocation process that enhances efficiency and minimizes stress. 

Create Your Company’s Global Mobility & Relocation Program

Collaboration with our dedicated relocation consultants is the first step of our comprehensive relocation management process. Whether your company doesn’t have a corporate relocation policy and is starting from scratch, or you’re seeking to overhaul an existing mobility program, our relocation specialists are here to guide you. 

NRI Relocation tailors our approach to meet your company’s unique needs. Together, we’ll craft a customized relocation program that seamlessly aligns with your organizational goals. 

We start by designing a relocation policy that resonates with your company’s culture and objectives. We will collaborate with your leadership, HR department, and managers to understand your company’s culture, recruiting, business, and budget goals. This is the basis of a successful relocation program.

Then, we apply NRI’s extensive experience and relocation policy best practices in your company’s mobility strategy. 

Employee Mobility Program

NRI crafts domestic employee relocation programs that cater to employees’ diverse needs. Our team will select and source comprehensive relocation benefits that care for your employees and attract and retain talent. 

From housing arrangements to household goods transportation, we thoughtfully plan and manage every aspect of the employee’s moves.

With a consistent Employee Mobility Program in place, your staff can confidently embark on their relocation journey, knowing that their needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Global Mobility Program

Embarking on an international assignment can be an overwhelming endeavor for your employees. A meticulously designed global mobility program provides comprehensive support, regardless of the destination. With NRI Relocation’s guidance, you can ensure the success of each global relocation. 

Our global mobility experts are well-versed in the intricacies of global relocations, from teaching employees how to navigate cultural nuances to handling complex immigration logistics. NRI Relocation will help your company create a global mobility program that not only meets the unique needs of your employees but also fosters achievement and consistency worldwide.

Employee Relocation Program & Benefits Administration

From the initial planning stages to the actual move and post-relocation settling-in, NRI Relocation expertly oversees every facet of your employees’ relocation benefits. Our comprehensive approach ensures a seamless experience for both your company and your valued staff members. Your employees can focus on their work while our consultants handle the details of the relocation journey.

Present Corporate Relocation Benefits to Employees

After we craft the corporate relocation program, our relocation consultants take the extra step to present and explain every part of the company’s relocation policy and benefits directly to your staff. 

We aim to ensure clarity, instill confidence, and provide a platform for addressing your employees’ questions or concerns. By opening opportunities for clear communication, we empower your staff with the knowledge and understanding they need for their corporate moves, creating a foundation of trust and assurance throughout the relocation process.

NRI Relocation is an award-winning corporate relocation company

Top-to-Bottom Corporate Relocation Management

In our top-to-bottom approach to your corporate relocation program, we oversee all relocation vendors and benefits, ensuring that your employees receive the highest quality service. 

NRI’s specialists will administer policy, coordinate with the best service providers, manage expenses, and execute all the other aspects of each employee’s relocation. This comprehensive relocation management approach alleviates the burden from your HR department, allowing them to focus on their usual role without being bogged down by the overwhelming details of employee relocations. 

You can be confident that NRI Relocation is your trusted partner to seamlessly execute every aspect of your company’s employee relocations with precision and care.

Your Employees’ Corporate Relocation Consultant

Your employees’ corporate relocation consultant is the dedicated point of contact throughout the relocation process. With our consultants’ proactive communication and responsive assistance, we redirect inquiries away from your HR department.

Our expert relocation consultants are specialists in employee relocation and adept at providing unparalleled guidance and support for your staff. NRI takes pride in being there for your employees every step of the way, to hold employees’ hands throughout the process, and give them the best corporate relocation experience possible. 

As your front line of communication, we promptly address specific questions, identify areas where transferees may require special assistance, and discuss options or recommendations with HR.

For more details on our move management capabilities, visit our Assignment Management page.

Manage Your Global Mobility & Relocation Policy

NRI Relocation is committed to effectively managing your entire relocation program, policy, and budget.

We make ongoing updates to policies and vendor partnerships, ensuring that your employees consistently receive top-tier service. By staying ahead of industry best practices, we will keep your company’s corporate relocation program at the forefront of excellence.

A well-defined employee relocation policy by NRI Relocation is critical to attract and retain talent.

By strategically optimizing relocation and global mobility budgets, we align financial considerations with the delivery of exceptional relocation services.

With NRI Relocation, you can trust that your global mobility and relocation policy is not a static document but a dynamic, evolving framework tailored to meet your organization’s and workforce’s changing needs.

Work With a Corporate Relocation Management Company

Entrusting your relocation program to a dedicated corporate relocation management company like NRI is a strategic decision that can revolutionize your approach to employee mobility.

Our holistic and specialized services span every aspect of the relocation process, from policy design to on-the-ground support, ensuring a positive and efficient experience for your company and employees. 

If you’re ready to streamline your employee relocation management and elevate the experience for your staff, consider the benefits of outsourcing your relocation program. Start your company’s journey towards enhanced efficiency, employee satisfaction, and overall success and contact us today.