What is a Relocation Letter of Assignment?

A ‘Relocation Letter of Assignment’ is a document that serves as a formal communication between an employer and an employee or a potential employer and a candidate. The relocation letter outlines the terms, conditions, and benefits of a work relocation.

The Relocation Letter of Assignment plays a pivotal role in clarifying expectations and responsibilities. It is presented by the employer to the employee for both seasoned professionals moving to a new location and newly hired recruits. Essentially, a letter of assignment serves as a roadmap for the relocation process. It ensures clarity and alignment between all parties involved.

Why Would an Employer Provide an Employee Relocation Letter?

An Employee Relocation Letter is relevant for employers, transfers, and new hires.

For companies, it’s a tool to sell the relocation opportunity. The relocation letter should showcase a willingness to invest in their workforce’s growth and development. It manages expectations by clearly outlining the terms, benefits, and responsibilities associated with the relocation. A good letter of assignment reduces misunderstandings and potential conflicts.

The relocation letter also helps employees or candidates (and their families) understand their relocation package and benefits. It provides all the information to make a fully informed decision whether to accept the corporate relocation.

For existing company employees, a relocation letter of assignment serves as a new offer letter that resets their compensation and benefits, both within their relocation package and throughout the duration of the assignment. A successful employee letter of assignment frames the career advancement opportunity and includes benefits that foster loyalty and motivation.

Overall, the Employee Relocation Letter facilitates organizational clarity, talent mobility, duty of care, and overall employee satisfaction. It is an important tool for a corporate relocation program that makes a company competitive in its market.

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When Would an Employee Receive a Relocation Letter From Their Employer?

A new hire or employee typically receives a relocation letter of assignment from a company either when they’re offered a new job or presented with a transfer opportunity. Early timing is crucial as it shows the employer’s preparation and care. The employee or candidate must receive the letter with enough timeto make an informed decision about their next steps.

What’s Included in a Relocation Letter of Assignment

A Relocation Letter of Assignment details all aspects of the corporate relocation offer. It provides context for the move and explains why the opportunity is exceptional and how the recipient would benefit from it.

Next, the relocation letter lays out the specific responsibilities associated with the role. It clarifies expectations and outlines the scope of work. The letter also details the compensation and benefits package applicable during the assignment.

Additionally, the letter outlines the comprehensive corporate relocation package. The corporate relocation benefits encompass everything from moving expenses to temporary housing arrangements. The relocation package eases the transition for the employee and their family.

Finally, the letter of assignment includes the terms of the offer, including any conditions or contingencies that must be met.

In essence, the Relocation Letter of Assignment serves as a comprehensive guide to a successful transition for all parties involved.

Relocation Letter Sample Outline

This relocation letter sample outline explains the key sections. All these aspects must be included to ensure clarity and transparency throughout the relocation process.

Relocation Cover Letter

This opens the relocation letter of assignment, presents the opportunity to the employee or candidate, and sets the table for what’s included in the letter. This is an employer’s opportunity to sell the relocation.

I. Compensation and Benefits

This section details the employee’s salary, bonuses, benefits package, and any additional perks associated with the relocation. This is for the employee’s compensation for the duration of the assignment and does not include the relocation services package.

II. Assignment Preparation and Support

Here, detail the support and resources the employee will receive to prepare for the assignment. Assignment preparation includes training, relocation assistance, and logistical support. This section includes the details of the relocation package benefits.

III. On Assignment

This explains the provisions offered to employees during their assignments. These benefits include housing assistance, transportation, relocation allowances, settling-in services, and any other benefits they will receive during their assignment.

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IV. Time Off and Work Schedules

New or existing employees may be relocating to a location with different personal time laws, cultures, or holiday schedules. Clarify the employee’s work schedule, including any flexibility or allowances for time off. Also, detail the procedures for requesting leave or vacation time.

V. Repatriation

Explain the process and support available for the employee’s return to their home location at the end of the assignment. Include the repatriation benefits and relocation assistance for transitioning back to their previous role or location.

VI. Other Terms of Your Assignment

Address any additional terms or conditions specific to the assignment, such as performance evaluations, relocation reimbursements, relocation payback terms, or contractual agreements.

Download a Sample Relocation Letter Template For An Employee

Start an employee’s relocation journey by downloading NRI’s sample relocation letter. This document will help you provide clear guidance and details for an employee’s relocation. This relocation letter template is designed to help employers effectively communicate important information to relocating employees.

Support Your Letter of Assignment with a Relocation Program

A robust relocation program is the basis of a good Relocation Letter of Assignment. By developing and implementing a comprehensive relocation program, you can ensure that your employees receive the relocation support and assistance they need. Smooth relocation enables companies to attract and retain the best talent and grow.

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