Revenues grew 12% from existing client expansion and new client growth

BUFFALO GROVE, IL – Wednesday, March 6, 2019

NRI Relocation, Inc., an award-winning corporate relocation services provider, is pleased to announce that the company posted record results for its 2018 audited financial year.  Revenues grew 12% from existing client expansion and new client growth, contributing to one of the best years in the company’s history.  The results in 2018 set the stage for accelerated growth in 2019 as the company continues to gain awareness in the employee relocation industry.

“The entire NRI team and our supplier partner network had tremendous execution leading to this success” says NRI President John Zilka. “2018 was a great year for the evolution of our business, and we are very excited for the opportunities in 2019.”

Part of the company’s expansion came from the launch of new services and tools.  In May 2018, NRI released its updated relocation technology platform ReloHub®, adding a modern reporting and analytics tool to its menu of services.  The company also added new partnerships across its global supply chain for increased capacity.

“ReloHub® and our investments in online technology played a key role in attracting new clients,” says Zilka.  “However, while we know technology plays a modern role, we’re committed to staying true to our purpose and values of Taking Relocation Personally.  We believe the human touch will always make the difference for a personalized and attentive relocation experience.  And our data tells us that clients and transferees, regardless of age, still value these personal human connections.”

About NRI Relocation, Inc.

Established 1985, NRI Relocation is an award-winning relocation management company for U.S. corporate relocation services, global relocation services, and international assignments.  We believe in propelling key talent to new career opportunities worldwide so that employee engagement, productivity, and success can thrive.  We do this by connecting our values-based philosophy of Taking Relocation Personally to every client and each employee.  Our purpose guides the design and delivery of an employee relocation experience that perfectly aligns with the cultural and financial goals of our clients.  Learn more about our policy + service + technology solutions or visit us in Buffalo Grove, IL, USA.


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