New titles reflect the company’s Taking Relocation Personally values and beliefs

BUFFALO GROVE, IL – Tuesday, April 30, 2019

NRI Relocation, Inc., an award-winning corporate relocation services provider, is pleased to announce new titles in 2019 for its client services leadership team.  The new titles reflect the company’s purpose to propel key talent forward and help its client base deliver successful, strategic outcomes.

Paula Keats-Ward is now Vice President, Client Success after previously holding the Vice President, Operations title.  Paula oversees program success for the entire NRI client base, and plays a critical role throughout the implementation, policy design, and service execution phases.  She has been with NRI for 15 years and has over 24 years of relocation industry experience.  She is a Certified Relocation Professional with Worldwide ERC® accreditation.

Additionally, Dawn Harbeck is now Manager, Client Experience after previously holding the Manager, Operations title.  Dawn oversees the daily experience between the NRI Consultant team, client transferees, and the NRI supply chain.  She has been with NRI for 4 years and has over 21 years of relocation industry experience.  She is also a Certified Relocation Professional with Worldwide ERC® accreditation.

“Dawn and I fully embrace these new titles and the key values they support,” says Ms. Keats-Ward.  “Our company believes in Taking Relocation Personally with every client and each transferee, and we’re excited to have our titles aligned with this vision.”

About NRI Relocation, Inc.

Established 1985, NRI Relocation is an award-winning relocation management company for U.S. corporate relocation services, global relocation services, and international assignments.  We believe in propelling key talent to new career opportunities worldwide so that employee engagement, productivity, and success can thrive.  We do this by connecting our values-based philosophy of Taking Relocation Personally to every client and each employee.  Our purpose guides the design and delivery of an employee relocation experience that perfectly aligns with the cultural and financial goals of our clients.  Learn more about our policy + service + technology solutions or visit us in Buffalo Grove, IL, USA.


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