It seems we are ending 2016 on a wave of emotion and uncertainty. The results of our recent presidential election, while greeted with joy by many, have left many others feeling less included and uncomfortable about what the future holds for them.

As a nation, we have faced challenges before. If there is one thing this election showed us, it is that none of us are perfect. Harder still, is the reminder that we can’t always control our circumstances, and that change that is welcomed by some may be viewed through an entirely different lens by others.

How we deal with change during challenging times is a reflection of our values and how closely we hold them. It’s not enough to simply talk about the importance of unity, diversity, and inclusion: we must live these values.Be Kind Dalai Lama Quote

One of the foundations of diversity and inclusion – foundational principles of our nation – is the mutual responsibility we share to lift us all up. We can demonstrate the strength of our beliefs in the ways in which we conduct ourselves in our relationships with others.

Every day is an opportunity to be responsive to the concerns of our colleagues and a chance to embark on a personal campaign to lift their spirits. We should never under-estimate the effect we can have on each other on an everyday basis. A careless remark or ill-considered action can have an impact far beyond that which we realize. By the same token, a moment of self-reflection can yield benefits far beyond a second’s rash action or word. Small moments add up to large events.

Like our communities, companies are only as strong as the bonds of common unity and feeling of belonging are strong. When we unite on what we hold in common, we are better able to recognize the unique skills and talents of individuals that contribute to a richer tapestry for us, collectively.

We pride ourselves at NRI on our unity and the close-knit, family-feel of our company. We were one of the first relocation companies to focus on the personal aspects of relocation, because to us, business is always, ultimately, about people. Over the years, NRI has built a loyal clientele by sticking to our motto of “taking relocation personally”, and it’s an achievement we’re proud of.

As we close out this season for gratitude I urge you to never stop believing that the person you see in the mirror each day has the power to make a positive difference. Let’s commit (or recommit) to listening and taking care of each other. Let’s recognize that none of us are perfect and that we may have taken others for granted. Let us act together in thoughtful and constructive ways to make the world a better place for all of us. And let us recognize the many blessings we enjoy and the opportunities to share them.