As you may already know, NRI Relocation just moved into a new office space. We’re thrilled about this change – our new space is bigger than the last, with lots of light, and the feel of a fresh start and new possibilities.IMG_20160403_110821683_HDR

Moving can be both exciting and challenging, and can test our limits or expand them. So much of how we handle the challenges of a move – to a new office, a new home, a new job – depends on whether we use the opportunity to grow, personally or professionally.

That growth can begin in how we define our circumstances and goals. Leadership is so often defined from the “leading” portion of the definition – being out in front of the parade, so to speak – that it’s easy to forget that the best leaders are always taking stock of their lives and seeking to make improvements. Asking and reflecting are the best ways to evaluate change and to reflect on what came before, what is happening now, and what comes after.

Some of the greatest opportunities I have found for growing as a leader come from exploring the best ways to catalyze forward movement. Here are some of the key discoveries I’ve found that work for me to keep myself and my team moving forward with efficiency, enthusiasm, and clarity:
Define what defined us

Life is busy, and business moves at an ever-increasing pace. I try to take time to reflect on what NRI’s defining moments were in the past year or quarter and how they portray and align with who we are. What impact did these moments have? Have they changed us? Have we retained the authentic values important to us? Reflecting on defining moments and what they meant to us helps us to know whether we are remaining true to our values, or whether we are drifting.

What challenges have we faced and what did we learn?

Challenges are a part of life and business. Some challenges have an enormous impact on us, and others don’t. Some teach us lessons we may not have been ready to learn, or didn’t realize we needed to learn. I like to list the challenges we encountered and what we’ve learned from them.

Where did we succeed best?

Never forget to be your own best cheerleader and recognize your accomplishments. Successes that seem small to others may loom larger for you because you know what effort it took to get there. Were they the result of pure determination, or was luck a factor? Where did you take a risk and succeed? Be sure to communicate your successes to your employees or team members, because success is achieved through collaborative effort.

Where did we fail?

What didn’t work this year or quarter? Where did we make mistakes? What are the lessons we learned from those failures? Make a list of your failures and what you learned from them. At the end of each lesson, write “thank you”, because every lesson is a gift.

Where can we improve?

Intentions are good, but actions get results. By this point, your reflections will have revealed areas of strength and weaknesses. Where can you tweak things to get better results? And where can you tweak things to improve your leadership skills to get better results? The way to make major impact is to be serious about finding ways to improve results and then taking action.

What do we need to stop doing?

Reflection can reveal things that aren’t working for you. Maybe these things served you, your company, your customers, your employees, or your team well at one time – but not anymore. Look at the systems or strategies that no longer serve your best interests, or the interests of employees or clients, and take action to eliminate them or replace them with improvements.

How did I treat myself and my employees in ways that supported overall well-being?

Sustaining yourself and others in ways that allow you to meet challenges in positive and enriching ways requires that you are healthy in body and spirit. This applies no less to a company than it does to an individual. In the same way that a tired, stressed, malnourished mind and body is less efficient and productive, tired, stressed employees are rarely fully productive. One of the biggest benefits NRI Relocation offers our clients is to free their employees and staff to be productive and focused throughout the challenges of employee relocation. Because we take a holistic and personal approach to delivering our relocations services, transferring employees are able to stay focused on their new responsibilities, and not on the minutiae of moving. Be sure to pay attention to nourishing all aspects of your company, especially your most valuable assets, your employees.

“Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.”     ~ Satchell Paige

Lead from within:

We are often cautioned to always look forward, never back. But looking back, done with the right intent, allows you to evaluate how far you’ve come, and plan a path to move forward. The things we learn about ourselves when we review help us move into our success. Sometimes, looking back is a good way to move forward.

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